I am Trudy and I am an artist. I am an indie creator, author, writer, photographer, curator and social critic. I enjoy creating, curating and engaging interesting art. I critique art, pop culture, and sociopolitics. I am not affiliated with any particular mainstream spaces/blogs/publications/organizations; I create as an independent artist. I also enjoy graphic arts, cooking, filmmaking, makeup and nail art.

My existing creations and spaces are Gradient Lair, Drift Sojourn and Cinemacked. Gradient Lair is about Black women and art, media, social media, sociopolitics and culture. Gradient Lair is a personal blog and womanist space that I created, developed, published on and curated from 2012-2015. I closed the live blog portion of Gradient Lair in October 2015, but I am creating subject-specific digital anthologies in digital format for 2017-2018 publication. I also share past published work on the #classicGradientLair hashtag.  Drift Sojourn is colour, cuisine, culture; I am a professional photographer and food enthusiast. Drift Sojourn signals two parts of the experience of a photographer: the journey itself as well as the pauses and lessons along the way. Drift Sojourn celebrates the beauty, detail and warmth of food as art and as nourishment. I have many years of experience in photography, but I created this newer space in 2013, shifting genres from past consumer photography in portraiture, event and wedding. My photographic work consists of primarily food photography, from the three aforementioned perspectives. I also publish recipes and write essays on the photography industry, social media and visual media politics including perspectives on race, gender, class and more as a Black woman and photographer. Cinemacked is a film and television interest space that I created in 2015; it engages the entertainment, the aesthetics and the sociopolitics of good film and television. I publish film/tv reviews, curate lists of film/TV suggestions, and engage in live tweets as well as send tweets/retweets about interesting visual media. My work on Cinemacked has been complimented by film industry creatives such as Ava DuVernay, Aaron Korsh, B.P. Cooper and Bradley Dean King. To read about what I am currently working on, in general, view my Artists Make Art series for my monthly posts about my work. In 2017 I created a Patreon profile to share uniquely accessible content with patrons only.

In 2013, I was named one of 15 smart women of colour on Twitter by Colorlines, one of 17 Black women bloggers to know by For Harriet, among 5 great Black women who blog by The Huffington Post, recognized among 20+ feminists online that write important words by Autostraddle, and among 25 influential Black women on the Internet by the Brazilian feminist blog Blogueiras Negras. In 2014, my writing was recognized in Tumblr’s Civil Rights and Equality edition of Tumblr Tuesday, I was included among 9 Black Twitter users to follow by Clutch Magazine, named one of the top 10 bloggers of the year by Red Pepper, and recognized in a special article in Ebony, “Black Feminism Goes Viral” where I was interviewed; in the same article, Gradient Lair was listed in the “Black Feminist Toolbox,” a collection of important art and writing on Black feminism. In 2015, I was included “22 Badass Black Women Who Are Leading Movements, Changing The World and Generally Awesome” by Autostraddle for Black History month, and listed among 10 Black women actively supporting the Black community by Tea & Breakfast. On Thought.co, Gradient Lair is listed in the "Top 10 Blogs on Feminism and Women's Rights." My writing or tweets have also appeared in EbonyMedia DiversifiedFlyover FeminismPower ForwardThe Root and I have been mentioned in The Washington Post, MicFor HarrietThe RootSalonSaint HeronFeministingThe Feminist WireNewsOneBustleMadam NoireJezebelXOJane, entertainment.ie, Dissident VoiceThought LeaderAtlanta Black StarAllAfrica, Thought.co, and by Tumblr, Inc. There are several pages of citations (re: Gradient Lair) listed in Google Scholar and I am cited in Wikipedia for coining "transmisogynoir" and for the development of the lexical definition of "misogynoir," which was coined by Moya Bailey. My early framework development on this term, which came after Moya's initial work (and according to Moya Bailey herself), is why this is a term used in mainstream media and academia today as a way to understand Black women's unique experiences with oppression. I also continued development of this scholarship even after I closed Gradient Lair, and as previously mentioned, I will publish subject-specific anthologies on Gradient Lair, including on this specific work. Though Gradient Lair is and always will be first and foremost a personal blog, and secondly, for Black women, by a Black woman, people of a variety of backgrounds and from a variety of walks of life have acknowledged its influence on their politics, knowledge and lives themselves. In 2017 I was published in Wildness by Platypus Press in the "Five Things With..." series, and listed in "The People's Follow Button: Who To Follow" on Off Tha Record.  

My current focus is on photography and writing, including in this new space. This space is not going to be "Gradient Lair 2.0" as the writing here will be focused on my creative process as an artist, using social media as Black woman and artist, my independent digital publishing, and other personal/creative topics. By closing Gradient Lair, I also lost my personal blogging space; that is what that blog was to start with; I am reviving this and only this here. This is not a "feminist" website/blog or "political" website/blog or "social justice" website/blog. If you're interested in the type of content I had on Gradient Lair, you have to visit that space, or in time, my anthologies from that space will be available here in Publications.

I am a 38-year-old Black woman; Jamaican and born/raised in the United States. Cisgender; she/her. Asexual. Atheist. Womanist. Registered as an independent; I don't identify as Republican or Democrat. Womanist is the only sociopolitical label that I ascribe to. I have a Master’s degree in Criminal Justice with a certification in Behavioral Science and I completed additional graduate work in Mental Health Counseling. I studied Behavioral and Social Sciences at the baccalaureate level with a concentration in Health Science and a minor in Health Services Administration. I have past experience doing IT work for healthcare companies and non-profit work with adolescent education. However, in the last few years, I have focused on my writing and my art, in general, outside of corporate workspaces, as an indie creator. as an indie creator, I have almost a decade of public writing experience, 6+ years of self-publishing experience and over a decade of professional photography experience.

I can be reached on Twitter: @thetrudz. If you have a specific question about your publication purchase, you can reach me via email at: trudy [at] thetrudz [dot] com. I will respond within 48 hours. This email address is specific to Publications; other correspondence sent there will be ignored. Please do not exploit my email address.

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