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©2015 Trudy | Drift Sojourn

©2015 Trudy | Drift Sojourn

I gave up my personal blogging space when I decided to close Gradient Lair. I am not interested in rehashing my experiences with that space or its closing; I have been clear about this on that blog, on @GradientLair and even within my own personal tweets (@thetrudz) during that time. While I have no interest in re-creating Gradient Lair in any way, shape, or form (outside of taking certain content from that quantitatively and qualitatively rich space and making subject-specific digital anthologies, as promised), I am interested in having a personal blog again. Gradient Lair was not my first blog and I had no intention of it being my last blog. However, this new space is not Gradient Lair. Further, this is not a "feminist" website/blog or a "social justice" website/blog.

I decided to create this space since my creative work within different subjects/forms overlap a bit. Some of my photography work from Drift Sojourn is on Gradient Lair. I also did some cross-posting between Drift Sojourn and Gradient Lair. Some of my writing on film and television on Gradient Lair influences how I write within my newer film/TV interest space, Cinemacked. Being a visual artist influences how I engage visual media in terms of entertainment and aesthetics. Being a womanist—one who created the womanist space Gradient Lair—influences how I engage visual media in terms of sociopolitical content and context. My ideas and processes as an artist are ones that ebb and flow from anything that I create, and not always within rigid boundaries/categories. Further, I no longer want Gradient Lair to be my primary hub when it is time to give someone a web address, especially since I am in a new phase with that now closed space. I never stopped writing solely because I closed Gradient Lair. I simply was not publishing this writing on a blog like it; I still write in other spaces, obviously. 

If I want a space to exist, and what exists does not meet my desires, I try to carve out my own space. Two of the essays that I will share here are ones that I actually shared on Medium several weeks ago; then I realized that I do not like Medium, as a creator, though I read interesting things there, as a reader. This was the final straw in terms of deciding to make a space where I comprehensively share what I am interested in and doing as an artist, although the idea for creating this space has been in my mind for months. (A section of this space will feature my eBooks and other digital publications for purchase; as they roll out, they'll be added to Publications.)

I am not "the media." I am not a journalist. I am not an "academic." I am not an activist. I am an artist. Artists make art. I love being an artist. In those moments—of creating some art—I am reminded that my mind does not only exist to process pain nor my heart only exist to be broken. In this space, I look forward to writing simply because I love to write, though extremely subject-specific content can still be directly engaged within my aforementioned existing spaces. This space is a space to share some of my art and write about the process of being an artist. Things that inspire me. Things that inspire my art. Things that make me happy and sad. Life. This space is to perhaps write about whatever the hell I want to. A personal blog...made by a person. I look forward to having a personal blog again. Welcome.