35 Of My Favorite Essays That I Wrote In 2015

©2016 Trudy | Drift Sojourn

©2016 Trudy | Drift Sojourn

2015 was an interesting year of writing. I definitely experienced creative and emotional highs and lows. I brought a new space into existence; Cinemacked. I ended a rather popular space that I created; Gradient Lair. While I definitely wrote less in 2015 than in 2013 and 2014 (I wrote many of my favorite essays on Gradient Lair during this time; a lot of this content will become available as subject-specific digital anthologies in eBook format available in Publications sometime in 2016), there were still some moments in 2015 that I felt very pleased about my writing. Whether it was on a difficult but very much needed personal and/or sociopolitical topic, or one of sheer pleasure to write, I enjoyed the experience of writing in 2015, even if I did not enjoy what happened after I published it (i.e. trolling), and especially so with Gradient Lair. Whether I write about my personal life or art that I am passionate about, writing continues to feel like an exercise in freedom for me. 

Below are lists of some of my favorite essays that I wrote in 2015 on my 3 creations; Gradient Lair, Drift Sojourn and Cinemacked. While not all of these essays were popular, they are among my favorites. (I do not write for the pursuit of popularity. As a Black woman, I think social media hypervisibility is quite dreadful, actually.) In fact, I often find that the essays that are the most popular on Gradient Lair are not necessarily the same ones that I think I exhibited my best writing and/or my most creativity. Since both Drift Sojourn and Cinemacked are smaller creative spaces (thankfully), most of the writing there is not as highly read as my writing on Gradient Lair is. Even so, there are a few essays from those 2 spaces that I really enjoyed writing as well.

Gradient Lair is a personal blog and womanist space that I created, developed, wrote on and curated from 2012-2015. Gradient Lair is about Black women and art, media, social media, sociopolitics and culture. My favorite essays that I wrote on Gradient Lair in 2015:

  1. Art Saves Me
  2. Black Girlhood Memories… 
  3. Saying “NO” As Black Self-Care 
  4. People Resent Self-Love and Self-Defense From Black Women 
  5. Resentment of Black Success
  6. Introversion and Blackness
  7. Social Media Is Not Automatically Introvert-Friendly 
  8. Trigger Warnings and Content Notes; When and Where?
  9. Black Women, Online Space and Boundaries
  10. What’s Really Going On With The Sexist Backlash Against Selfies 
  11. Thoughts After The Epic #Blackout, #BlackoutDay 
  12. The Great Grace Jones 
  13. Janelle Monáe: Not For Male Consumption
  14. “Know Your Rights”
  15. Black Activism, “Divisiveness” and The White Gaze
  16. There Is No Nicki Minaj vs. Sandra Bland. Black People Can Discuss Both. 
  17. One Can Participate In The Struggle and Still Have A Life
  18. Marriage ≠ Maturity; Money ≠ Intelligence

End of the year post: N/a; I closed Gradient Lair.

Drift Sojourn is photographs with passion and prose with purpose. My photographic work primarily consists of food, travel, lifestyle and macro photography. I also write essays on the photography industry, social media and visual media politics including perspectives on race, gender, class and more, as a Black woman and photographer. My favorite essays that I wrote on Drift Sojourn in 2015:

  1. When "Keep Shooting" Isn't The Right Answer
  2. You Can't Buy Gear To Replace Photography Experience

End of the year post: Reflecting On My Photographs In 2015

Cinemacked is a film and television interest space that I created in 2015. It engages the entertainment, aesthetics and sociopolitics of good film and television. I post film/TV reviews, curate lists of film/TV suggestions, and engage in live tweets as well as send tweets/RTs about interesting visual media. My favorite essays that I wrote on Cinemacked in 2015:

  1. What I Mean By A “Black Film”
  2. Thoughts About Star Wars From A ‘Casual’ Fan
  3. Interstellar and Hans Zimmer Love
  4. The Nightmare Before Christmas and Childhood Memories
  5. Film Review - Pariah
  6. Film Review - Middle of Nowhere
  7. The 2015 Emmy Awards and Black Creatives
  8. Suits and Formidable Pairings
  9. HTGAWM - Annalise Keating and Black Womanhood
  10. Extant: Entertainment vs. Ethics
  11. Royal Pains and Diverse Stories 
  12. Spoilers: In Articles/Timelines vs. In Titles/Mentions
  13. 4 Weird Responses To Curated Lists
  14. 5 Comments That I Dread About Film/TV
  15. 5 Ways That A Stan Goes Too Far

End of the year posts: 25 Television Shows That I Enjoyed Watching In 201525 Films That I Enjoyed Viewing In 2015

I also shared a few end of the year posts on Twitter: fave selfies shared in 2015; fave tweets that I sent in 2015.

I will continue to share my thoughts on my creative process as an artist, using social media as Black woman and artist, my independent digital publishing, and other personal/creative topics on this new personal blog here. While I will not post anything new to Gradient Lair, as I mentioned above, subject-specific digital anthologies in eBook format from the wealth of content that I created in that space will become available this year. However, I will share new things on Drift Sojourn (including new photographs on Drift Sojourn blog and on Instagram/Twitter) and Cinemacked this year. I have several eBooks planned for this year in photography and a few other topics as well. I look forward to a good and interesting year of writing in 2016!