Artists Make Art: Personal Stories - November 2016

©2016 Trudy | Drift Sojourn

©2016 Trudy | Drift Sojourn

In November, I had several re-realizations about how little people think of independent artists, of Black women online, of hypervisible Black women online and people like me who are both independent artists and hypervisible Black women online. I dealt with so many paternalistic people second-guessing what I do (despite the fact that they have no clue what I do, do not engage my work, and do not engage my Artists Make Art series that I started last December where I discuss some of my work each month), offering unsolicited advice or requesting free work. This is the toxic two-fold: someone either tries to tell me how to do my work (just as they spend inordinate amounts of time telling me what to eat, what medicines to take, what media to consume, what products to buy and tons of other infuriating forms of passive aggressive harassment and paternalism) or expects me to work for them for free. It is sickening to me, but I do my best to not let it be stifling to me. It still affects my mental, emotional and physical health though. The cumulative stress is real.

I still create each month, but now at a slower and more reasonable pace for me with deadlines that make sense; they are ones that take all of the stress, online abuse, mental/physical health issues that make working difficult (especially when I do everything myself) into account. If it is an invoice, I sent it. If it is an essay or publication, I wrote it. If it is a photograph, I created it. If it is administrative/maintenance work as an indie artist, I did it. If it is engaging people online, live tweets (i.e. of films or TV shows), analytical tweets (i.e. personal, political or sociopolitical, similar to what I discussed on Gradient Lair), or customer service in relation to my products, I did the work. It is what people consume and make assumptions about and what people will never see but I am still doing behind the scenes everyday, for myself and for others.

In November I created/worked on:

Though I have been an artist for over a decade, and most of my current projects are several years old, this particular blog, (based on my Twitter user name that I created in 2009 and now use across several platforms) is a newer space (which will be a year old in December) that I created to bring my current interests together, and as somewhere to write in the aftermath of closing the live blog aspect of Gradient Lair last October. These current interests include: Gradient Lair (Black women and art, media, social media, sociopolitics and culture; womanism), Drift Sojourn (food, travel, lifestyle and macro photography) and Cinemacked (entertainment, aesthetics and sociopolitics of good film and television).

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