Ending My "Artists Make Art" Series...

©2016 Trudy | Drift Sojourn

©2016 Trudy | Drift Sojourn

I am 38 years old and I have been an artist since I was a child; I partially elaborate on this in my photographer bio on Drift Sojourn. I have been using social media for 11 years, with my first major profile being MySpace in 2006; I missed the LiveJournal and Friendster days; I was not ready for that kinda drama in my 20s. I have been using Twitter for 8.5 years and Tumblr for 5 years. However, this particular site, thetrudz.com is something that I launched in only 2015, as a place to publish personal writing (after ending Gradient Lair in late 2015; this was after 3.5 years of personal blogging, womanist writing and analysis, and art curation there) and a place to discuss my multi-art multi-genre work that pre-dates this site by many many years. This is why I created my Artists Make Art series, which I also started in December 2015 when I first launched this central site.

It has been an interesting series for me because I mainly do two things: I discuss how I feel about work and life and I share updates on some of the things that I worked on in that particular month. However, as I have become a little busier in some areas of my life and trying to reduce my workload in other areas, I realized that keeping up this monthly post is not simply summarizing my experiences with my work, but actually becoming more work itself.

I am interested in effectiveness over quantity (though I have always been a high-volume indie creator), especially going into 2018. If you have known me for a good number of years, you know that I do not really do "New Year's Resolutions" and that type of thing because I am more concerned with effectiveness over "success" and "social status." For me, being effective means creating the best quality work that I can produce without completely losing myself into my work to the point that I am not resting well. Easier said than done; true. Working towards this means being able to take inventory of my health and my time. It means cutting the excess, so to speak. 

I will do 2 things instead of publishing the aforementioned series. One is of course continue to publish in my respective spaces. A lot of my work is accessible online (minus certain projects I do not discuss online at all and minus long term projects that I mention in more detail once published); use the links below to stay updated.

(As for Gradient Lair, since I do not publish there on the blog but I am working on anthologies of what I published there in the past, you can get status updates via @GradientLair.)

The second is that whenever I create a new major project (i.e. how I announced my new Patreon profile and posts there within past "Artists Make Art" posts for August and September), I will still publish a post about it. It is simply the monthly style of the "Artists Make Art" series that I am ending here. However, I will still publish essays here from time to time, though becoming a patron on Patreon is the best way to read and engage some of my most current writing. 

Publishing the "Artists Make Art" series taught me a lot about myself and my work, my stressors and my joy, my difficulties and my accomplishments. I learned a lot about myself; truly. I will always appreciate that I did the series, but it is time for change and for new things!