Content Use Policy

Each of my spaces have their own content use policies. If you are using content from those spaces, please carefully examine the content use policy for each. Please do not contact me to ask something already explained. Now, there are certain times where I ask to be contacted, but that is also stated within each policy.

Content use policy for my personal blog here:

My personal blog here is just this; a personal blog. This space is not going to be "Gradient Lair 2.0." What I write here will focus on my creative process as an artist, using social media as Black woman and artist, my independent digital publishing and other personal or creative topics. For text: You may quote up to one paragraph from any single post here, in any single article or paper. For Tumblr, you may quote one paragraph from any single post, per Quote or Text post type. You may not post the entire text; if so, a DMCA takedown will be issued to Tumblr for that content. My name (Trudy) and a link back is all that is required. I do not need to be contacted. However, this policy does NOT necessarily apply to my other spaces. Follow the policies linked above, especially so for Gradient Lair. Please do not add this personal blog to any blog lists or syllabi. For photographs: Not for profit, personal, non-inflammatory, fair use is acceptable; I still need to be contacted for use. You may not use my photographs on business/news sites or professional blogs without contacting me about licensure and payment first.  

Please do not cross-post my tweets to Instagram or Tumblr; review my writing on hypervisibility to understand why. Tweets of course can be liked/retweeted and also properly academically cited, in accordance with existing content use policies. I do not authorize my tweets to be used in listicles or articles without my consent and notice before you run an article. Simply being able to "see" my content does not make you the creator or owner. 

Content use policy for items in my Store:

You may quote up to one paragraph from any publication in any single article or paper. You may print for at-home solo use, but NOT for distribution. Each person must purchase each item individually. You may not distribute the actual digital publication via email; each person must purchase each item individually. You may add a publication to your blog lists or syllabi, but I need a heads up for syllabi. Contact me to do so; @thetrudz on Twitter or you can reach me via email at: trudy [at] thetrudz [dot] com. I will respond within 48 hours.

Be respectful:

Please DO NOT use my contact information for free labor requests or content use requests; the former will be marked as SPAM; the latter has already been covered here in the Content Use Policy; please review the policies above. Please DO NOT use my contact information to request comments/quotes for your article submissions nor for requests for any hashtag participation;  I have no comment for articles, and I am not interested in any additional unpaid labor online. I AM NOT interested in interviews, speaking requests or panel requests at the present time, and I am never interested in unpaid article writing requests. (I accept contact for paid article writing requests with the offered rate in the initial email; otherwise I will not respond.) Please respect "NO" and review how consent works. Thank you.