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Drift Sojourn is colour, cuisine and culture. Food photography and more. I am a professional photographer and food enthusiast. Drift Sojourn signals two parts of the experience of a photographer: the journey itself as well as the pauses and lessons along the way. Drift Sojourn celebrates the beauty, detail and warmth of food as art and as nourishment. 

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I published 3 photography eBooks between 2011-2012 while I still worked as a professional photographer in portrait and event photography, prior to Drift Sojourn. 2 of these eBooks are still for sale; both were updated in 2015. I also created a free educational guide for photographers (and publish photography educational posts on Patreon).

  • Free or Frugal: Learning and Creating Photography On A Budget (available in my Store
  • Photography Projects For Practice and Portfolios (available in my Store
  • 300 Photography Resources (available for FREE in my Store
  • On The Path: Journeys Through Darkness and Light (no longer available)

I create iPhone Wallpapers that are available in my Store.


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