Gradient Lair


Gradient Lair is a personal blog and womanist space that I created, developed, wrote on and curated from 2012-2015; I closed it in October 2015. It is about Black women and art, media, social media, sociopolitics and culture. I did a lot of writing on womanist theory, Black women and pop culture, and street harassment (major topics covered there), as well as some writing on less often mainstream-explored topics such as Black womanhood and atheism, and Black womanhood and asexuality. I wrote a lot about intersecting oppressions and violence that Black women experience in private, public and online space. I also enjoyed writing about Black women as various types of artists; I curated and posted photographs, videos, short films and other art by Black women. It is not a space only about empowerment but also about vulnerability and joy. 

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Although Gradient Lair is closed, meaning no new essays or posts will be shared there, because of the quantity (well over 1,000 essays), breadth, gravity and reach of what I created there, I decided that I will produce digital anthologies that will be subject/theme-based for easier access and reading specific content from that space. Stay tuned for digital anthologies in eBook format; they'll be added to Publications.

To read about what I am currently working on, in general, view my Artists Make Art series for my monthly posts about my work.




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