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Gradient Lair

Gradient Lair is a personal blog and womanist space that I created, developed, published on and curated from 2012-2015 (and tweeted 2013-2018). It is about Black women and art, media, social media, sociopolitics and culture. It is accessed and referenced daily, all over the world, on 50+ U.S. college campuses a day, till this day. Most importantly, it reaches Black women who are not in formal academic/labor spaces. The journey is very difficult, but also a learning process in many ways.

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Drift Sojourn


Drift Sojourn is my current photography work since 2013 and is colour, cuisine and culture.  I center this space on food photography, but create photographs of many subjects. I have several years of professional photography experience prior to Drift Sojourn as a pro photographer for over a decade; I created portrait, event and wedding photography, wrote articles and was published. However, my current focus is food photography, celebrating its art, detail (i.e. macro) and culture.

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Patreon is membership platform for artists and creators. People interested in the work of indie creators—pledge monthly support. I joined Patreon as a patron in 2015 and creator in 2017. There, I publish unique (accessible nowhere else) content for my patrons: an educational series (art, business, life), reading lists (photography, food, writing, tv/film, art, politics/sociopolitics, life), short and long essays (music, art, politics, labor, life), book reviews and much more. 

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I published a few digital publications available for sale and/or free download. This includes eBooks, a photography guide and iPhone wallpapersOn The Path: Journeys Through Darkness and Light (2011; no longer available); Photography Projects For Practice and Portfolios (2012); Free or Frugal: Learning and Creating Photography On A Budget (2012); 300 Photography Resources (2016). My Store contains links for these as well as the iPhone wallpapers and physical products as well. I am interested in publishing more in the future.

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Cinemacked is a space that I created in 2015 where I engage the entertainment, aesthetics and sociopolitics of good film and television. I support many Black actors and Black directors, but I also discuss a variety of types of film and TV shows that I enjoy, in general. I curate film and TV show recommendation lists; I write essays on TV as well as film reviews. I also do live tweets during shows. It is a happy space for both fun and smart times; for both entertainment and a critical look at media.

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Drift Discern


Drift Discern is seeing to understand; seeing to be understood; people, places, things. This is a new project that I created in 2018 which features my (black and white) urban, architecture, cultural and street photography from the last 10-15 years of my experience. With Drift Discern, I seek to share an experience with photography over time and how that has shaped my perspective on the seen and the unseen, the popular and the mundane. To discern is to perceive or recognize (something). It is memory lane and will include new work as well.

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