I am Trudy and I am an artist. I am an indie creator, author, writer, photographer, curator and social critic. My existing creations are Gradient LairCinemacked, Drift Sojourn and Drift Discern. Gradient Lair is about Black women and art, media, social media, sociopolitics and culture. Gradient Lair is a personal blog and womanist space that I created, developed, published and curated from 2012-2015, and tweeted from 2012-2018. Gradient Lair has been referenced in books, scholarly journal articles, syllabi, reading lists, mainstream media/indie media articles and more. I am also professional photographer and food enthusiast. ‘Drift Sojourn’ signals two parts of the experience of a photographer: the journey itself (drift) as well as the pauses and lessons along the way (sojourn). Drift Sojourn celebrates the beauty, detail and warmth of food as art and as nourishment. I have many years of experience in professional photography, but I created this newer space in 2013, shifting from consumer photography after years (e.g. portraiture, event), to primarily food photography. I publish recipes (as a hobbyist cook) and write essays on the photography industry, social media and visual media politics including perspectives on race, gender, and class as a Black woman and professional photographer. I also published 3 photography eBooks and a photography resource guide in the past. Drift Discern is seeing to understand; seeing to be understood. People; places; things. I share my black and white photography (e.g. street photography; architecture) from more than the last decade in this space. With Drift Discern, I seek to share an experience with photography over time and how that has shaped my perspective on the seen and the unseen, the popular and the mundane.

I am a 39-year-old Black woman; Jamaican and born/raised in the United States. Cisgender; she/her. Ace. Non-theist. Womanist. I have a Master’s degree in Criminal Justice with a certification in Behavioral Science and I completed additional graduate work in Mental Health Counseling. I studied Behavioral and Social Sciences at the baccalaureate level with a concentration in Health Science and a minor in Health Services Administration. I have past experience doing IT work for healthcare companies and non-profit work with adolescent education. However, in the last decade+, I have focused on my writing and my visual art, though I did art work part-time while also in corporate in my 20s. As an indie creator, I have a decade of public writing experience, years of self-publishing experience and well over a decade of professional photography experience.

I am AVAILABLE FOR HIRE for paid writing requests, paid photograph licensure/creation requests, paid sponsored content requests, and paid brand Twitter hashtag participation, all with proper compensation commensurate with my skill and experience. I am available (with my consent) for comments/quotes for articles, assuming my words will not be misinterpreted or misused. Contact via email to inquire. I am NOT AVAILABLE for panel requests or public speaking requests at the present time.

I can be reached on Twitter: @thetrudz. If you have a specific question about your publication purchase, you can reach me via email at: trudy [at] thetrudz [dot] com. I will respond within 48 hours. Please DO NOT use my contact information for free labor requests or content use requests. The former will be marked as SPAM; the latter has already been covered in the Content Use Policy; please review those policies.

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